Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thing a Week

i've created this blog to serve as a record of my work and inspiration. i plan to use it as an archive of that which i would otherwise forget, as a tool of personal accountability, as a way to mark time and achievement. to that end, i've launched it on the date that most people regard as the beginning of a New Year.

in 2009, i will be working on a Thing a Week. not an original idea, but it serves as a useful tool for centering the mind and creating discipline. i resolve not to censor or impose arbitrary constraints on my Things a Week, but to follow that which holds my interest, and complete each piece even if it's crap. deadlines and finished work are essential to my sense of momentum: objects in motion tend to stay in motion. i may or may not present pieces in their nascent state, but i will photograph and post each piece as it's completed.

happy new year - mutlu ve kutlu olsun!

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