Monday, March 23, 2009

thing a week eleven:

this is a Thing not yet fully realized.

i've been thrilled by the changing season, by its tender budding life and growth. spring is erratic here in portland: this week has been alternately chilly and wet, bright and warm, sunny and rainy at the same time. this is the time of year in which i long to have a garden, have my hands in good black earth, set down roots and reach for the sky. it's also the tentative kick-off of bike season, at least for those who aren't hardcore winter warriors. it's been lovely these last few days to feel the muscles in my legs working hard again, wheeling by bright streams of crocus and daffodil. i feel good, fresh, ready for the beginning of something new. huzzah to spring!

the piece i've been working on this week attempts to translate that feeling into beadwork. not so much for the edification of others - i doubt that anyone would look at this piece and think, "ah, spring!" - but for my own self, a touchstone of sorts to fix this fleeting moment in time.

i'm using herringbone stitch, a technique which i seldom employ. it's slow going, especially since i've had other creative projects simmering this week. once again, i started working without knowing where the piece would go or whether i'd like the final results. i'm pretty pleased so far. it's a work in progress at this point: pictures to follow in the next post.

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